Meet Our Neighbors

Meet Our Neighbors

Our Neighbors

The Link is a community-centered residential development located in Utica, NY. We connect people of all abilities through living opportunities that promote meaningful interactions and independence.

The typical housing choices for adults with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities are either residing with a family caregiver or living in state-certified housing. Self-advocates and caregivers have overwhelmingly expressed an interest in community-based housing choices.  Housing options like The Link, with 60 apartments in total - 12 for people with disabilities and 48 for people within the community whose income meets certain criteria, give families a greater peace of mind.

The Link offers people of all abilities a greater quality of life, encouraging independence and fostering community-based relationships. We believe that all people should have a beautiful home where they feel secure and welcome.

The Link makes this vision a reality for all of our neighbors, like Heidi, Craig and Michael!

Meet Caroline

Caroline grew up in the Utica area her entire life. Having experienced hardship, she found it difficult to find affordable housing that reflected her vision of a safe and beautiful home. In her search for that perfect place to call home, Caroline hoped to some day have her own doorbell for her friends to ring!  She then heard about The Link, and realized that an affordable, safe and beautiful option was in reach.  Now that Caroline has moved in, she is beyond proud of her lovely apartment, feeling blessed to be living in such a warm, safe and caring place.

“I love the Link, it's quiet and my apartment is BEAUTIFUL! I have not slept this well in a very long time!"


Meet Michael

As an adult having moved around from various housing and apartment complexes trying to find a place of his own, Michael has now found a home at The Link! He loves how close it is to stores and to places he visits on a daily basis and that he is right in the center of the action. He enjoys his beautiful new apartment and the freedom that comes with it.  Michael has been making friends and reaches out to help his neighbors in need. He loves riding his bike, chatting with neighbors, volunteering and visiting new places. 

“My new apartment is beautiful and I get to do good deeds and help out my neighbors.”


Meet Heidi

Heidi is a vibrant and happy woman who recently found a secure, safe and beautiful new apartment all her own at The Link. Having lived with her parents on their farm until their passing, Heidi felt unsafe in many living environments while on her own. When she heard about The Link, she was elated to have her own safe apartment, complete with a new, large and unbelievable kitchen! Heidi enjoys making baby blankets, practicing and celebrating her faith, is interested in farm life and enjoys learning about Dutch culture. 

“I feel safe at the Link...I love it! It makes me happy and I feel secure.”


Community. Independence. Home.
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